The INSECTA 2022 International Conference aims to give an overview of state-of-the-art technology of insects for food, feed and non-food application. Topics cover the whole value chain from research, rearing and processing to safety and waste valorization. Therefore, technological as well as ethical and environmental aspects are discussed by professionals.

In detail the conference covers following topics:

Insect Rearing and Production Systems

  • substrates, cycled production
  • lab-scale optimization and up-scaling
  • industrialization and automation

Insect Processing for Food and Feed

  • fractionation and processing techniques
  • nutrient composition and food products
  • pet-food, feed and aquaculture applications

Safety and Environmental Aspects

  • microbial detection and decontamination strategies
  • material flow analyses and environmental impact
  • legal aspects and quality management

Non-food Application of Insects

  • insect biotechnology
  • biopolymers and lipids
  • waste valorization

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