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The VDI is an association for technically and scientifically active people (VDI: Association of German Engineers) and is one of the largest technically oriented clubs and associations in the world. The VDI Magdeburger Bezirksverein supports the INSECTA conference since 2015 and grants the “VDI Best Young Scientists Presentation Award” every year. It is divided into 6 district groups and many thematically different working groups and has offers for all ages. One group related to INSECTA conference is the Arbeitskreis Nachwachsende Rohstoffe (circle of experts for renewable resources) that is managed by Sara Hadjiali. VDI Magdeburger Bezirksverein is organised by voluntary works. The VDI Magdeburger Bezirksverein is supported in its work by numerous companies in the region and forms an important network and the VDI is also international networked. Also VDI Magdeburger Bezirksverein has a sponsorship award for students at the universities in Magdeburg every year and the Gruson plaque of honor for members who deserved in the technical development and the work of VDI Magdeburger Bezirksverein

Beekenkamp Verpakkingen B.V.

Beekenkamp Verpakkingen has been a producer and supplier of various logistics solutions for over 40 years. We have also been providing targeted solutions for insect breeding. Together with our practical experience, we look at how we can take this industry to a higher level. We have several insect breeding trays for mealworm and Black Soldier Fly production, and we can now announce a beetle inlay tray. The beetle inlay tray has been developed in collaboration with our customers and meets the need to separate the mealworm beetles from the eggs to realize a higher egg yield and serious labor savings.

Beta Bugs Ltd.

Beta Bugs are an insect genetics company developing and distributing black soldier fly breeds to the insect farming sector. Black Soldier Fly and its larvae are a sustainable alternative protein source that can be used in feed for aquaculture, pigs, poultry and pets such as cats, adult dogs and reptiles. Alongside this, BSF can be reared on various waste streams, including agricultural and food waste. This rapidly developing industry provides a green, circular, and regionally produced alternative to the environmentally damaging production of soy meal and fishmeal, the prime causes of deforestation, biodiversity loss, and overfishing.

LivinFarms AgriFood GmbH

Livin Farms is a company offering 360° services and technology to turn organic wastes into
insect ingredients. It has its headquarters in Vienna, Austria.
About the Technology
Livin Farms Hive PRO Factory is a modular, plug-and-play insect farming factory that can turn
industrial amounts of organic waste by-products into insect proteins. Those can in turn be
processed and sold as animal feed. “We are using insects´ key function in the ecosystem to make
our food system healthy again at scale: Turning waste into precious food!” (Katharina Unger,
CEO). Setting up an insect farming operation is a lengthy and expensive procedure that requires a
lot of time and R&D. With our technology, industry customers make a shortcut. Our Hive PRO
factories are ready-to-go industrial insect farming modules. They serve as key enabling
technologies for the food, feed, and recycling industries to turn their low-value resources into
high-quality ingredients for commercialization.”
About the Founder
It all started when founder Katharina left her small hometown on the border between Austria and
Hungary to venture into the world as an industrial designer. She ended up in Hong Kong where
she realized that most of the food there was imported and almost no one knew where it came
from. That’s why she started to investigate the current food system and looked into alternatives.
Insects have the great potential of growing on food waste, taking much less space and very little
water and energy to grow, while they emit almost no CO2. She developed many prototypes for
the ideal and smart breeding of insects on the smallest footprint possible.
The Livin Farms Team
Katharina Unger: Founder, CEO Industrial Designer
Jürgen Wixler: Head of Sales & Business Development
Pratibha Yadav: Head of Entomology
For more information on the industrial side of Livin Farms please visit – livinfarms.com

VDL Insect Systems

VDL Insect Systems, part of VDL Groep, offers a complete range of modular and scalable feeding solutions and services for each production phase and factory capacity size. Our goal is to provide insect growers innovative solutions to scale up their production to meet the growing demand for alternatives for the classic protein sources.

By using the broad network and industry activities of VDL Groep we can actively contribute to the industrialization of the insect sector. VDL Groep, headquartered in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, is an international industrial family business with 105 operating companies, spread throughout  19 countries, with 15,000 employees.

Discover our specialty in precision feeding systems and solutions for dry, mash, liquid and solid feed: vdlinsectsystems.com

NETZSCH Trockenmahltechnik GmbH

NETZSCH Grinding & Dispersing

Within the Business Field “Food & Pharma”, we are combining most advanced milling, mixing and classification technology for a wide range of future-proof applications, e.g. processing of vegan chocolate, nut paste or filling mass – up to fine milling of insects, protein shifting of pulses or cell disruption tasks.

NETZSCH combines the most advanced production systems with process engineering expertise and guarantees future-proof process solutions. We find an economical solution to suit your requirements. Our innovative dry- and wet-processing technology for the food and confectionery industry meet our extremely high standards for quality, hygiene and safety.

ANDRITZ Separation

ANDRITZ Separation provides mechanical and thermal technologies as well as services and the related automation solutions for solid/liquid separation. In addition, the business area offers technologies and services for the production of animal feed and biomass pellets.

Our experts are working side-by-side with customers to find the optimal solution for their alternative protein production needs based on wet or dry processing. The tailored end-to-end solutions include concept design, process engineering, realization, automation, and service. ANDRITZ has proven technologies for all key process steps available in the group, including milling, conditioning, dewatering, drying, extrusion, and pelleting – all backed by innovative process automation and proven global service. To produce alternative proteins, ANDRITZ will draw upon the broadest product portfolio worldwide as well as its expertise in project management by dedicated and experienced teams.

Royal Dutch Kusters Engineering

Royal Dutch Kusters Engineering is a family-owned company with a proven history of innovation and entrepreneurship. In the past 112 years, we build extensive knowledge about separating, reducing, pressing and transporting all types of materials and waste and became world’s leading manufacturer of currency destruction systems.

Royal Dutch Kusters Engineering contributes to a better and greener world through the development and production of smart, innovative and secure solutions and technologies for optimal reuse of valuable materials.

At Kusters Engineering we believe in co-development with our partners and our customers resulting in new technologies and sustainable solutions. One of our solutions is the Rotoshifter, an ingenious technology to separate larvae from frass.


As a separation process specialist, we have a knowledge and experience transfer of 170 years.  Our technologies set standards in the production of first-class vegetable oils, protein-containing press cakes from insect larvae, the creation of efficient energy sources from biomass and in research.

WEDA – Dammann & Westerkamp GmbH

From tradition and with many years of experience, WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp GmbH provides innovative technical solutions on a worldwide basis. Since its foundation in 1934, the manufacturer of products for pig husbandry has developed to become the market leader for modern housing and feeding technologies.

The principle of WEDA insect feed systems is based on liquid feeding technology for pig breeding. WEDA has been developing and producing own technologies for weighing, crushing, pumping and distributing liquid feed since the 1970s, and even its computer programmes based on Linux are self-developed and programmed. WEDA’s liquid feeding systems are tailored to individual needs. A variety of feed formulations are created with support of the Excellent 4Px Larvae computer system. Based on these recipes, various components are crushed, mixed and then dosed out. WEDA offers a high degree of safety and maximum feeding accuracy with maximum levels of hygiene. Heat utilisation and fermentation of residual materials can also be integrated seamlessly, minimising workloads and reducing costs at the same time.

Viscon Logistics B.V.

Our logistics automation takes care of moving, storing and cleaning crates throughout BSF and mealworm farms. We also transport bulk flows of insects and frass, including sieving solutions. We deliver integrated solutions including system design, equipment and software integration.

NRGene Canada

NRGene Canada, a wholly-owned subsidiary of NRGene Technologies Ltd., employs AI and Big Data solutions to analyze genetic information to improve natural crop and animal development in the global agriculture and food industry. Leveraging NRGene’s technology, the company identified a unique opportunity in the BSF protein industry by developing novel, superior varieties to gain long-term economic efficiency for industrial-scale BSF production.

SCHAUER Agrotronic GmbH


– Innovative systems for black soldier fly (BSF) and mealworm production
– Integrated systems – from kitchen to handling and air conditioning
– Fully automated systems
– Sustainable production by using residues from industry and food trade


Entocycle is a leading provider of insect technology. Founded in 2017, we specialise in cutting-edge patented solutions, including the Entosight Neo – our flagship neonate counter that optimises efficiencies in BSF farms. We also design, build and install commercial-scale insect farms for new market entrants. For more information, visit entocycle.com


Billions of people come into contact with Bühler technologies as they cover their basic needs for food and mobility every day. Two billion people each day enjoy foods produced on Bühler equipment; and one billion people travel in vehicles manufactured using parts produced with Bühler technology.


As a leading provider of insect-breeding solutions, our InsectoCages are now being used all over the world, in multiple locations across almost all continents. Our goal is to provide  reliable yields while maintaining safety margins in the biological processes. We work in harmony with nature, not against it, by supporting biological processes with our technology.