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Platinum Sponsors


ANDRITZ offers a broad portfolio of innovative equipment, services, and digital solutions for multiple industries and end markets. Therefore, we provide various technologies for the production of animal feed, biomass pellets, and full-line solutions in the insect industry. Starting from frass/larvae separation to packaged final products (larvae, protein powder, or oil) – our specialists work side-by-side with customers to find ideal solutions for their alternative protein production needs based on wet or dry processing. From milling, conditioning, dewatering, evaporation, drying, extrusion, and pelleting – we cover all process steps and support with concept designs, process engineering, and the final realization.



Better Insect Solutions

Better Insect Solutions (BIS) is the insect farming concept and solution hub of the Big Dutchman group, comprising the sister companies Big Dutchman, INNO+ and SKOV. For decades, these companies have provided cost-efficient and robust solutions for a wide range of technologies applied in animal farming.  Since 2020, we have been active in the insect sector offering a one-stop hub solution for insect production to our customers that is largely based on in-house products and systems including, e.g. a unique climate control system, innovative air cleaning and heat recovery as well as a specialized feeding system.


LivinFarms AgriFood GmbH

LIVIN farms is dedicated to finding innovative solutions for the waste-to-protein industry since 2015. The company stands at the forefront of the BSF larvae farming sector, providing 360° services and technologies, insect factories and Seedlings™ (neonates) to businesses aiming to transform organic waste into valuable and sustainable products.

The Hive PRO Insect Factory, a fully integrated, highly scalable and modular solution is tailored precisely for the food, feed, and recycling industries. By utilizing Seedlings™, Hive PROs efficiently process large volumes of organic by-products into high quality insect products suitable for the feed and agricultural sectors.



As a separation process specialist, we have a knowledge and experience transfer of 170 years.

In times of increasingly scarce resources we have made it our mission to develop processes and solutions for a more efficient use of raw materials.

We want to sustainably counteract the challenge of the coming protein shortage and at the same time minimise our ecological footprint through resource-saving processes.

Ground-breaking and passionate we have been working on the processing of insects for many years – we have steadily expanded our range and now offer a wide range of services, from pre-engineering to commissioning and technical support.


WEDA – Dammann & Westerkamp GmbH

From tradition and with many years of experience, WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp GmbH provides innovative technical solutions on a worldwide basis. Since its foundation in 1934, the manufacturer of products for pig husbandry has developed to become the market leader for modern housing and feeding technologies.

The principle of WEDA insect feed systems is based on liquid feeding technology for pig breeding. WEDA has been developing and producing own technologies for weighing, crushing, pumping and distributing liquid feed since the 1970s, and even its computer programmes based on Linux are self-developed and programmed.


Gold Sponsors

Beekenkamp Verpakkingen B.V.

“Beekenkamp Verpakkingen has been a producer and supplier of various logistics solutions for more than 40 years. For several years now, we have also been providing targeted solutions for insect breeding. Together with our practical experience, we look at how we can take this new industry to a higher level.”

Website: https://www.beekenkamp.nl/verpakkingen/


GEA takes care of everything that needs to be done after the insects have been raised, so that insect proteins and also lipids are ultimately ready for use in the food or feed industry. We are your partner for pilot processing as well as for industrial scale production plants.



Innovative Insect Feeding Solutions

Protiberia is a bio-economy company active on the production of Tenebrio molitor larvae.  

Protiberia provides mealworm egg colony and neonates ready for fattening. The company is also involved in the development of machinery and technology to optimize the production of mealworm breeding farms.


TEMA process

TEMA Process B.V. is a specialised design and manufacturing company for Fluid Bed Systems for drying of food, feed, bio mass and organic fertilizers.

Uniform Drying: The fluidized bed ensures that each individual larvae experiences uniform drying conditions. This uniformity is crucial for maintaining consistent product quality and preventing variations in moisture content.



Innovative Insect Feeding Solutions

VDL Insect Systems, part of VDL Groep, offers a complete range of modular and scalable feeding solutions and services for each production phase and factory capacity size. Our goal is to provide insect growers innovative solutions to scale up their production to meet the growing demand for alternatives for the classic protein sources.


Viscon Logistic BV – Insect Technology

Viscon’s logistics automation takes care of moving, storing and cleaning crates throughout BSF and mealworm farms. We also transport bulk flows of insects and frass, including dosing and sieving solutions. We deliver integrated solutions including system design, equipment and software integration.


Silver Sponsors



XIO – Intelligent Farming