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Beekenkamp Verpakkingen B.V.

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This year Beekenkamp Verpakkingen developed a durable, reusable plastic box, suitable for automated systems, to breed mealworms. Are you looking for your own unique breeding box for breeding insects? With our in-house expert in product design and technical drawing, new products can be created in next to no time!

Danish Technological Institute

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Danish Technological Institute (DTI) is a research and technology company that help our customers converting the newest knowledge and technology into value. We have been working with insects since 2012 and cover the entire value chain – from insect production to development of insect-based products for food or animal feed.

Maschinenfabrik Reinartz

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Together with Hermetia Baruth, Reinartz has been working on the processing of insects for many years. Reinartz has steadily expanded their range and now offer a wide service portfolio, from pre-engineering to commissioning and technical support. The focus is on individually solutions for their customers long-term economic and ecological success.

SWARM Protein


SWARM Protein produces convenient snacks with insects. The company is on the mission to bring this high-quality and sustainable source of protein to the Western market. Insects provide all essential amino acids and are packed with important micronutrients. Furthermore, insects consume only a fraction of the natural resources compared to livestock. This makes insects both highly functional and very sustainable. SWARM is rolling out in German food retail – an important step towards putting insects onto everyone’s plate.


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Insect Engineers BV

Insect Engineers

Journal of Insects as Food and Feed

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The ‘Journal of Insects as Food and Feed’ covers edible insects from harvesting in the wild through to industrial scale production. The journal is published by Wageningen Academic Publishers, an independent STM publisher in the field of Life Sciences, publishing both scientific journals and books (monographs, textbooks and proceedings) in animal and veterinary, food, environmental, and plant sciences. For more information on the scope, submission procedure, content, subscription prices, and related titles of the ‘Journal of Insects as Food and Feed’ please visit www.InsectsasFoodandFeed.com or go to the booth at the INSECTA 2019 conference in Potsdam.

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VDI – Magdeburger Bezirksverein
Young scientists (student or PhD student), aged 35 and below, who are actively engaged and aim for an oral presentation, get the opportunity to present their scientific potential.