INSECTA 2022 – Review

In 2022 the INSECTA Conference became a full success once more. More than 230 participants from about 30 countries enjoyed a great diversity of topics and inspiring keynotes. With eleven sponsors and more than 60 industry representatives, the INSECTA Conference has established itself as a place where science and industry engage in fruitful exchange. It took place in Gießen (Germany), September 14-16, 2022.

Photo: Désirée Schulz/Fraunhofer IME


Topics covered the entire value chain of insects:

  • Insect Rearing and Production Systems
  • Insect Processing for Food and Feed
  • Safety and Environmental Aspects
  • Non-food Application of Insects


Book of Abstracts

The proceedings collect abstracts of all contributions. It is published under Licence CC BY 4.0.

Book of Abstracts INSECTA 2022


  • Jefferey K. Tomberlin: Synergy between animal welfare & industrial production of insects: Opportunities created- not lost
  • Dorothee Tegtmeier: The black soldier fly gut microbiome and its contribution to the bioeconomy
  • Martin Rühl: Biotechnology in food and feed applications with insects
  • Karol Barragán-Fonseca: Integrating social aspects in insect farming
  • Shikha Ojha: Implementations of innovative technologies in the edible insect processing pathways
  • Heinrich Katz: Insect production and processing in Europe – Recent developments and perspectives
  • Thomas Wilke: Insects as sustainable aquaculture feed



We would especially like to thank Dr Julia Durek! As project lead and main organizer she was mainly responsible for the huge success of the INSECTA2022.

She was supported by the INSECTA team of the Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy namely Dr Oliver Schlüter, Dr Julia Durek, Beate Spehr, Jessica Lietze, Dr Shika Ojha, Marios Psarianos and Giacomo Rossi and the team of Pilot Pflanzenöltechnologie Magdeburg e. V. (PPM) around Dr Thomas Piofczyk.

The INSECTA 2022 was jointly organized by
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Venue & Partners

The conference was held at the Justus Liebig University in Giessen, Germany at the Institute of Food Chemistry and Food Biotechnology. We thank our cooperation partners for providing the venue and support our organization team and making our Kick-off and Evening Event a success!

Justus Liebig University
Fraunhofer IME


We thank our sponsors and supporters.