INSECTA 2023 – Review

INSECTA 2023 which was held on September 13-14, 2023, in Magdeburg, Germany was a big success. The team PPM and the team INSECTA would like to thank you everyone, the 20 sponsoring partners, more than 253 participants, our 3 keynote speakers, event team, the service team and all other members who directly or indirectly supported us to make the platform to that big. The participant represented more than 70 different companies and 33 universities/institutions to discuss around various topics related to insects ranging from processing & commercialization, breeding, application in non-food, nutritive value, genetics, application of artificial intelligence, application of sensor technology, and many more. The three parallel sessions comprising of 22 sessions and 40 posters allowed academicians, scientists, industry professionals to not only exchange their ideas with one another but provided a platform to plan our future collectively. We hope that your contribution will keep coming further in our upcoming INSECTA conference and make the platform even bigger. Thank you! Yours INSECTA team and PPM team.

Photo: PPM e.V., Magdeburg


Topics covered the entire value chain of insects:

  • Insect Rearing and Production Systems
  • Insect Processing for Food and Feed
  • Safety and Environmental Aspects
  • Non-food Application of Insects
  • Evaluation of the use of insects
  • Insect health and insect welfare


Book of Abstracts

The proceedings collect abstracts of all contributions. It is published under Licence CC BY 4.0.


Dr. Christin Manthey

Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology

Dr. Christin Manthey is broadly interested in the evolution of metamorphosis in insects and the insect’s microbiota. She will focus on the topic: „The evolution of complete metamorphosis in insects“ during her keynote lecture. We express our gratitude towards her presence at the conference and looking forward to hearing about her work.

Francis Maugère

Political Adviser, Eurogroup for Animals

In his keynote lecture Francis Maugère will focus on insect farming in the EU, and how it intersects with the Protein Strategy, the Sustainable Food Systems Framework, or general animal welfare. As Political Adviser for Animal Feed in charge of insect farming issues at Eurogroup for Animals, his organization is the pan european organization dedicated to animal protection. We look forward to his keynote lecture.

Urs Liebau

August-Wilhelm Scheer Institut für digitale Produkte und Prozesse gGmbH

Urs Liebau is a digitization expert at the Center for digital GreenTech at the August-Wilhelm-Scheer Institute based in Germany. The goal of using digital technologies to advance the circular economy and save greenhouse gases brought him to the insect industry. With a background in Business Engineering and Logistics, he is currently working on AI projects, such as optimizing feed composition or automated counting of BSF larvae directly after hatching. Besides his professional career, he has been active in various political committees on a national and international level.

His presentation will focus on the opportunities, risks and future applications of AI and other digital technologies in the insect industry



INSECTA 2023 was organized by Pilot Pflanzenöltechnologie Magdeburg e.V. (PPM) under the leadership of Dr.-Ing. Sara Hadjiali. She is supported by Dr. -Ing. Thomas Piofczyk. He was responsible for the organization and planning of all activities related to the conference.

Dr. Piofcyzk was supported by his PPM team namely Dr. Sarah Bothe, Chandra Dev Borah and Anke Rehwald-Faupel and the team of Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy around Dr. Julia Durek.

The INSECTA 2023 will be jointly organized by

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Venue & Partners

The INSECTA 2023 conference was held at AMO Kulturhaus, Magdeburg, Germany. We thank you all the sponsoring partners, participants, media, the PPM team, the team INSECTA for ensuring the conference to be one of the most intriguing and state-of-the-art INSECTA in 2023. We thank our cooperation partners for providing the venue and to support our organization team.


We thank our sponsors and supporters.