• Date: 08. and 09. September 2021
  • Venue: Johanniskirche in Magdeburg
  • Online: live stream (retrievable for a few days afterwards)
  • Participants: about 120
    (Number of participants on site will be limited according to
    the current pandemic regulations.)
  • Conference language: english

Busy bee tickets (on-site and online) are sold out!

Book of Abstracts Insecta 2021    Additional Abstracts 2021



7 September Evening: Get together 7.00  pm
8 September Registration: 8.00 am
  Greetings and keynote speeches
  Specialist presentations in session, parallel by topics
  Digital poster session
9 September Greetings and Keynote speeches
  Specialist presentations in session, parallel by topics
  Digital poster session
  End of program

Main Topics

1. Insect Farming and Production System

2. Insect Processing for Food and Feed

3. Safety and Environmental Aspects

4. Non-food Application of Insects

5. Insect health and insect welfare


Sept. 07 evening program:
Get together (according to pandemic regulations!), the location is still to be selected and announced, no costs will be covered.

Registration and Abstracts:
Please registrate only via online portal.
Choose between: Talk, poster, online and on site.  The on-site options will be limited; hence a waiting list might be used. After a successful registration, you receive an invoice, which is to be paid within 3 weeks. otherwise, your reservation will be deleted.

Book of Abstracts (printed):
contains: INSECTA program, all abstracts of talks and posters, short introduction of PPM and ATB, sponsor pages.

Sept. 08 registration
starts at 08.00 a.m. Online registration and payment of the conference fee in full (receipt of payment on bank account!) are mandatory requirements to registrate on site.

Online registration
for online participants is it still to be determined. The registration is only possible under the above-mentioned requirements.

Change type of participation:
To ensure that you will have the full experience of INSECTA 2021, PPM will possibly change your type of participation due to the current pandemic regulations. (You cannot change the type of your participation.)

(greetings, keynote, specialist presentations) will take place in the Johanniskirche Magdeburg, moderated by 2 hosts (chair and „online co-moderator“) and will be recorded on video as a live webcast via the INSECTA portal (to be implemented). Afterwards they will be available exclusively for the participants as an online stream (no download) during the conference and for some more days.

After the presentations, the discussion will take place on site and online simultaneously. The speaker will answer the questions of the audience on site. As an online participant, you can only ask questions via e-mail, so that they can be provided through our co-moderator. Moreover, a chat platform will be setup for further questions during the conference. Subsequently the presentations will be available on the internet for 3 days. With the authors consent, the presentation files will be provided as a download as well.

Presentations via Internet:
If you participate with an online presentation, be aware that we will have a tech-check a few days beforehand and that the stream will be recorded.

As long as we conduct the conference under strict pandemic regulations, the posters will be presented and discussed solely online. If pandemic prevention measures are no longer required, the possibility to set up posters on site will be verified at short notice. The posters should be presented by the author in a short video (approx. 3 min.). Also, a discussion platform will be provided via online chat. With the authors consent, the posters will be made available for download.

Participants on site:
Your presentations will be streamed as well (parallel sessions!). A catering service will serve sweet and hearty foods as well as hot and cold drinks during the event. We will provide you with the Book of Abstracts, pen, writing pad, sticky notes, markers and information material.

Participants via internet:
You will participate in INSECTA via online stream. To take part in a discussion, please send your questions via e-mail to the co-moderator. Look forward to a conference survival package, consisting of the book of abstracts, sticky markers, writing pad, pens, coffee, snacks and more.


General Information


The logo of your company will be shown on the book of abstracts, signs, tables, in presentations and videos.

Will be covered differently than in previous events, since not all participants can be on site additional costs must be covered due to the technical service. Get-together and conference dinner will be organized but must be financed by the participants themselves. For this purpose, restaurants with a beer garden will be selected. However, we would like to return to the previous form (an exclusive evening venue and cost coverage of catering and a cultural offer) for future INSECTAS.

cultural program
Certainly, we would like to offer you a cultural program, within the limits of pandemic regulations for your own good.


Thomas Piofczyk
+49 (0)391 8189-131

Pia Hadouch
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