INSECTA 2020 – International Conference on Insects as Food, Feed and Non-Food

The INSECTA 2020© conference is an international platform on use of insects for interested people from science, agriculture and insect breeding, plant construction, users, manufacturers of food and feed, lawyers and veterinarians. The event will take place in Magdeburg on September 10 and 11 2020.

Main topics for oral presentations and poster presentations will be:
-Food Safety for Using Insects
-Insects production systems
-Application of insects as feed and food
-Non-food applications of insects
-Insect health and insect welfare

As venue we are able to announce the Johanniskirche that is an important part of the eventful history of the city of Magdeburg.

The conference is organizied in cooperation of PPM and ATB. For INSECTA 2020 PPM will be primarily responsible the contact persons are Thomas Piofczyk and Anke Rehwald-Faupel. If there are questions belonging the conference, please let us know! Further information will be available on time at conference homepage, facebook and twitter, like deadlines, dates, hotels.

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Group photo: Insecta 2019

Photos: ATB

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