Keynote Speakers

Prof. Dr. Ir. Arnold van Huis

Portrait van Huis
Arnold van Huis

Prof. Dr. Ir. Arnold van Huis is emeritus professor from Wageningen University & Research in the Netherlands. He worked from 1974 to 1979 in Nicaragua for the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations in a research project on integrated pest management (IPM) in food grains. Based on these studies he got his PhD from Wageningen University. From 1982 to 1985 he coordinated from Niger a regional crop protection training project for eight Sahelian countries. From 1985 to 2015 he was a tropical entomologist at Wageningen University responsible for a number of IPM and biological control projects in the tropics. He published more than 280 papers of which more than half refereed. In 2013 he published with FAO the book ‘Edible insects: future prospects for food and feed security’. He is also the first author of ’The insect cookbook’ published in 2014 by Columbia University Press. In 2017 he (co)edited the book “Insects as food and feed: from production to consumption”. In 2014 he organised with FAO the conference ’Insects to feed the world’, attended by 450 participants from 45 countries. From 2010 to 2014 he was responsible for a Netherlands’ funded project entitled ’Sustainable production of insect protein’. He is chief editor of the Journal of Insects as Food and Feed. On edible insects, he (co)authored several books, ten book chapters, and about 20 refereed and 10 non-refereed publications.

PD Dr. Thomas Holzhauser 

Portrait Holzhauser
Thomas Holzhauser

PD Dr. Holzhauser studied food chemistry at the Technische Universität Berlin (1990-1996), and he obtained his PhD at the Johann Wolgang Goethe-Universität in Frankfurt am Main (2000) after finishing his research thesis in the field of bioanalytical detection and quantification of allergens in foods. After a period of R&D in a bioanalytical company (2000-2003) he joined in 2003, as a research group leader, the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut, German Federal Institute for Vaccines and Biomedicines in Langen, Germany.
Since 2014, PD Dr. Holzhauser is Head of Section Recombinant Allergen Therapeutics at the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut, where he is both assessing the quality of recombinant and synthetic proteins and peptides for allergen specific immunotherapy and performing research in this field and in the area of food allergen identification, characterization and detection. He and his group members contributed with several allergen detection methods to the official German collection of food allergen detection methods (§64 LFGB), and identified several allergens, including those in shrimp, an arthropod that is phylogenetically closely related to edible insects.
He has been active member of the EU COST-Action ImpARAS (1402) for improving strategies for the allergy risk assessment of new food proteins, such as from insects, and is active member of the working group on Food Technology and Safety of the German DFG-Senate Commission on Food Safety. He curently chairs the ILSI Europe food allergy task force expert group on „Review of suitability of analytical methods for measuring VITAL2.0® reference doses for EU allergens in foodstuffs“, and serves as executive member of the WHO/IUIS Allergen Nomenclature Sub-Committee.
PD Dr. Holzhauser serves as lecturer in food chemistry at the Justus-Liebig-Universität in Giessen, Germany.

Heinrich Katz

Portrait Heinrich Katz
Heinrich Katz

Born on Feb. 2, 1958 and raised in Welzheim 40 km east of Stuttgart/Germany, married and two adult sons. After graduating from high school in 1977 and completing his basic military service, he studied mechanical engineering at the University of Stuttgart and graduated with a diploma in 1984. He then worked as a management trainee at IBM Germany, spent two years as head of the German team in New York, USA, and was production manager for multilayer printed circuit boards in Sindelfingen/Germany. From 1995 to 2007 he was Senior Manager at Ernst&Young Consulting with a focus on logistics. He implemented international projects in USA, Canada, China, Great Britain, Austria, Romania and Germany. Since 2003 he is Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Katz Biotech AG. Katz Biotech AG is the leading German producer of beneficials (insects and mites) for the biological pest control. Since 2007 he is Managing Partner of Hermetia Baruth GmbH. Hermetia Baruth GmbH was the first company in Europe to be able to rear Black Soldier Fly in mass production. He is a founding member of the association IPIFF (International Platform of Insects for Food and Feed) and currently Treasurer of the association and a member of the Executive Committee of the association.

Dr.-Ing. Volker Heinz

Volker Heinz

Dr. Volker Heinz received his scientific education in food process engineering. During his time as an assistant professor at TU Berlin he co-ordinated numerous EU projects. In 2006 he was appointed Director General at the German Institute of Food Technologies (DIL). He has published more than 200 peer reviewed papers, book chapters and books and is member of national and international boards and counsels.