At this years INSECTA the following topics will be discussed.

Topics around technical, commercial, ecological, political and ethical issues of insect utilisation are in focus. Therefore please specify your presentation.

Insects production systems

  • Rearing substrate optimisation
  • Established production systems
  • Mass rearing systems, industrialisation
  • Automation

Application of insects as feed

  • Nutrient composition
  • Use for pets, in aquaculture and for farm animals
  • Feed safety

Utilisation of insects as food

  • Processing and fractionation
  • Use in gastronomy and food retailing
  • Food safety

Evaluation of the use of insects

  • Consumer acceptance
  • Ecologic and economic assessment
  • Status of legislation
  • Ethical issues

Non-food applications of insects

  • Insect biotechnology
  • Biopolymers
  • Waste management systems