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Supporting Partner – Technische Universität Berlin

Supporting partner - TU Berlin, Technische Universitaet Berlin

Technische University is our supporting partner.






YNSECT - GOLD Sponsor of INSECTA 2017



Since its creation in 2011 and in a context where the demand for proteins continues to increase, Ynsect works for a more natural and sustainable livestock food chain by producing insect-based primary ingredients in line with animal feed industry standards.




GOLD Sponsor – Bühler Insect Technology Solutions


Logo Gold Sponsor - INSECTA2017 - Bühler Insect Technology SolutionsUsing the power of insects, Bühler Insect Technology Solutions (BITS) provides modular solutions for the industrial-scale transformation of organic residues into quality ingredients. We cover the entire supply chain from feedstock handling to rearing, separation and extraction. BITS is a joint venture between Protix, the leading insect company, and Bühler, the technology group for food, feed and advanced material processing.


Gold Sponsor – Proti-Farm – The Protein Company


Logo - Proti-Farm the Protein Company - Gold Sponsor of INSECTA 2017

Proti-Farm (former Kreca) has been producing insects since 1978 and is based in The Netherlands. Their flagship product is the buffalo (lesser mealworm) which is produced in a controlled, safe and food grade environment using sustainable and state of the art technologies. Proti-Farm provides natural and premium ingredients (of the buffalo) for the food industry and we welcome everybody to join us in promoting insects as a great and sustainable source of food!



Gold Sponsor – Protix


Logo - Protix - Gold Sponsor of INSECTA2017

Protix produces insect based ingredients with the highest focus on quality and reliability. Healthy, nutritional and natural, insects will play a vital role in a food secure future without depleting our planet. Protix enables food in balance with nature for all living creatures.


Journal Partner – Journal of Insects as Food and Feed


Logo - Journal of Insects as Food and FeedWe will make a selction of all submitted papers for INSECTA 2017 . 

Participants with selected papers get the invitation to write full papers,
that will be considered for publication in the Journal of Insects as Food and Feed .




Award Sponsor –


Logo - VDI Magdeburger BezirksvereinVDI – Magdeburger Bezirksverein
Young scientists (student or PhD student), aged 35 and below, who are actively engaged and aim for an oral presentation, get the opportunity to present their scientific potential.